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13 - an eye for an eye proposal by Victoria Riccio

"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind." This quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi expresses a concept which I strongly feel should be promoted in Europe and globally. The desire for revenge is indeed blinding – and never leads to anything good, as we can see from the many destructive conflicts in our world. And this concept is not only vital for peace, but also for healthy interpersonal relationships (we probably all know what it feels like to want to "get even" with someone - we can´t think straight and often say or do things that we regret later). So let´s promote Gandhi´s quote, hope that people everywhere take it to heart, and help stop the spiral of hatred and violence (physical or emotional) that is so damaging. Don´t let hate escalate!

The quote inspired me to write the lyrics for a song, composed by Mitch Höhler, which I perform with my alphorn quartet "Alpcologne." The song could be used for the commercial, if desired.

Here are the lyrics and an audio clip

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